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Cataract Center

Gradual blurring of vision, which progresses slowly over several months or years, always accompanies developing cataracts.  Cataracts often cause glare in bright light or around lights at night, and colors begin to fade. Cataracts usually develop in both eyes, although one cataract is often worse than the other. If you think you are in the beginning stages of developing a Cataract, contact our office today.

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LASIK Center

LASIK eye surgery has helped millions of people see clearly without dependence on glasses or contact lenses. It has made those with active lifestyles happy again. For contact lens wearers, the hassles associated with contacts can be a record of success.

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Dry Eyes Center

Dry Eye is most often a result of the eyes’ natural aging process. Most people’s eyes tend to become drier as they age; however, the degree of dryness varies, and some people have more problems than others. If untreated, Dry Eye can be more than just irritating or uncomfortable. Excessive dry eye can damage eye tissue and possibly scar the cornea, the transparent front covering of the eye, impairing vision. Contact lens wear may be more difficult due to the possibility of increased irritation and a greater chance of eye infection. Request an appointment with us today!

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Optical Shop

We offer a variety of eyeglasses and bifocals at our optical shops. From high-end eye wear to affordable brands, we have something for everybody. Our optical shops have licensed opticians available daily to help you choose the right frames for you. Visit us today!

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Cornea Center

The cornea plays an important role in focusing your vision - it helps focus the light that comes into the eye and is responsible for over 65% of the eye’s total focusing power. That’s why it is crucial to ensure that your cornea is in its healthiest state possible to maintain clear vision. Request an appointment with us today!

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Retina Center

The Regional Eye Center is a leader in the specialty of retina-related conditions and diseases of the eye, including age-related macular degeneration. We offer leading-edge technologies and procedures in the care of our patients.

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Glaucoma Center

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in people over the age of 40. It is a group of diseases that leads to vision loss. Vision loss occurs when the optic nerve is damaged by pressure inside the eye. Learn more about Glaucoma.

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Cosmetic Center

Blepharoplasty, also known as an eye lift, is a procedure to correct the sagging or drooping of the eyelids and the removal of excess fat, skin and muscle. As we age, it is common to see a difference in the eye area: more laxity, bags below and above the eye; sometimes so much that the upper lid seems to disappear underneath the extra fatty area under the brow bone. Even with good skincare and eye care, wrinkles, puffiness and drooping eyelids will catch up to you. Genetic factors and body chemistry can cause these aging effects in younger people. Blepharoplasty can give a more youthful appearance to an otherwise older, more tired looking, face. Learn more about Blepharoplasty!

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The Regional Eye Center

Dedicated to Patient Care and State of the Art Technology for Tennessee and Virginia. The Regional Eye Center has been serving patients in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia for more than thirty years. The Regional Eye Center is one of the largest eye care groups in the Southeastern United States and works with over 600 new patients per month. Our ophthalmologists have the training and technology to provide the best patient care on a personal basis for each patient. We are there to guide you every step of the way.

Specialists at The Regional Eye Center are committed to staying on the leading edge of technology and to offering the newest ophthalmic and aesthetic techniques. The Regional Eye Center's mission is to be recognized as the provider of the region's highest quality eye care. Our procedures include, cataract surgery, LASIK eye surgery, laser vision correction, treatment of retina disorders, glaucoma management, senior eye care, diabetic eye care, eyelid surgery, cornea surgery, dry eye syndrome management, and general ophthalmology.

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